Actor Mapping

Empowering Communities through Collaboration

Mapping Local Actors in Uganda

We are excited to unveil our latest initiative – the comprehensive mapping of Local Actors in Uganda, carried out under the Charter for Change Working Group. This endeavor represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to enhancing community-driven development and fostering collaboration among various stakeholders.


The primary goal of this mapping initiative is to facilitate a deeper understanding of the diverse local actors operating within Uganda. By identifying and acknowledging the presence of 402 local actors across various districts, we aim to strengthen partnerships, promote local ownership, and bolster the impact of humanitarian and development efforts in the region.

Key Findings:

District Representation: The mapping initiative covered 40 districts in Uganda, with varying numbers of local actors identified in each region.

Local Actor Categories: The mapped entities include 128 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), 87 Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), and 4 Private Sector organizations. This diverse range of actors highlights the rich tapestry of initiatives driving positive change at the grassroots level.

Geographical Spread: The mapping effort spans the entire country, reaching communities in Acholi, East Central, Elgon, Karamoja, Lango, Teso, and West Nile regions.

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Districts Covered


This mapping initiative holds immense significance for both the local communities and the stakeholders involved. By pinpointing the locations of these local actors, we can create targeted and effective interventions, ensuring that resources are channeled to areas where they are needed the most. Additionally, it promotes transparency, encouraging a sense of accountability among the actors and fostering an environment conducive to sustainable development.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the local actors, as well as the Charter for Change Working Group Uganda, for their unwavering support and collaboration throughout this endeavor. Their dedication has been instrumental in making this mapping initiative a reality.

Next Steps:

With the detailed mapping of local actors now available, we are poised to initiate focused programs, drive collaborative efforts, and work towards a more resilient and self-sufficient Uganda. We invite all stakeholders, partners, and community members to actively engage with this valuable resource and join us in our mission to create a better future for all. For more information and to explore the interactive map showcasing the locations of these local actors, please visit our website. This mapping initiative was made possible with support from CRS (Catholic Relief Services) and represents a collective step towards a more empowered and interconnected Uganda.