LLL Project

LLL Project

Local Leadership Labs Project

We are excited to introduce the Local Leadership Lab project, an initiative that aims to empower communities to resist, survive, and overcome socio-economic inequities. As part of our commitment to fostering sustainable, locally designed, and locally led development. The catalysts and connectors in the initiative are CIVICUS and NEAR, global civil society networks working to improve the support ecosystem for local civil society actors & CAPAIDS Uganda leading this transformative effort in Uganda.


The voices of local and national actors, including local, district, and city leadership, human rights advocates, and civic networks, are crucial for sustainable development.

Theory of Change:

The Theory of Change underpinning the Local Leadership Labs based on the principle that the initiative is locally-owned and locally-led, and focuses on solutions that are context specific, building on what we know about practicing constituency accountability, creating safe and inclusive dialogue spaces, and facilitating locally-led and co-created processes.

Local Actor Categories: The mapped entities include 128 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), 87 Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), and 4 Private Sector organizations. This diverse range of actors highlights the rich tapestry of initiatives driving positive change at the grassroots level.

Geographical Spread: The mapping effort spans the entire country, reaching communities in Acholi, East Central, Elgon, Karamoja, Lango, Teso, and West Nile regions.

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Districts Covered

Our Common Values:

  • Locally driven
  • Power-building
  • Radically inclusive
  • Systems thinking
  • Cultivating accountability
  • Reflective

What works and what doesn’t work?

Uganda Sub-Regional Consultation Meetings
This meeting will be crucial in articulating demands, engaging stakeholders, and co-creating solutions.

Map- Regions:

  1. West Nile
  2. Acholi and Lango
  3. Karamoja
  4. Eastern
  5. Western
  6. South Western


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